Innovation in Motion

The digital marketplace is characterised by boundless energy and by visions and concepts that are constantly moving and evolving. The energy an entity possesses due to its motion is referred to as kinetic.

Kenetic is a name derived from the fusion of this concept and its innovative founder, Grant A Kennedy whose objective is to lead Kenetic to the forefront of this dynamic environment.


Point of Care


Diagnostic Testing Devices

Kenetic Technologies is developing a suite of Point of Care diagnostic testing using microfluidic technology. Microfluidics involves the manipulation of small volumes of fluids with the aim to miniaturise complex laboratory procedures onto a small microchip, which is commonly referred to as Lab on a Chip.

The first product will be a test for women who are pregnant or are planning to fall pregnant to enable them to monitor key vitamins to ensure the health of both themselves and their child.


Lab On A Chip

Lab on a Chip technology lies at the heart of Point of Care diagnostic testing.

The ability to miniaturise complex laboratory testing onto a small microchip will revolutionise the healthcare industry and enable people to take control of their health by having tangible data that can be uploaded to their smart device and provide informative advice that will ensure action can be taken before more costly and invasive interventions are required.



A Biobank is a facility that stores human samples including blood and tissue for medical research.

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland is soon to benefit from a near $2 billion investment in a brand new hospital. The hospital is due to open mid 2017 and will include extensive medical research capabilities and we are working with stakeholders to create a Biobank that will be a significant community asset, attracting the best and brightest researchers to the Sunshine Coast to help formulate solutions to our most complex medical challenges.


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